One on one coaching:

Weekly life coaching sessions via Zoom to assist clients in achieving goals, big or small. We pinpoint roadblocks that may be holding you back, then develop a highly personalized plan to clear them using proven strategies developed by Louise Hay in Heal Your Life workshops.

Specializing in relationship, physical health, emotional health, financial and employment goals.

Motivational Speaking:

I am available to speak in large or small group settings. Topics may include, but are not limited to: Accepting Your Good, Manifesting Your Desires, Self Care, Changing a Negative Mindset, Prosperity, Physical Healing Through Emotional Healing, and Setting Boundaries.

Heal Your Life Workshops: In groups of 4 – 10

  • 2 day workshop : This is a powerful, in depth workshop held in person on weekends from 9:00 until 6:00 with several breaks. Participants learn about Louise Hay’s philosophies, including becoming aware of their negative beliefs and changing their mindset, releasing past emotions, forgiveness and loving themselves completely. A wide array of tools and new skills will be taught.
  • 5 week workshop: This is a life affirming 2 hour workshop held once a week for 5 consecutive weeks, either in person or via Zoom. Topics covered include Louise Hay’s philosophies, participants’ goals, changing negative thoughts to positive affirmations, acceptance of self (mirror work), inner child work, willingness to change, addictions, and forgiveness.
  • 10 week workshop: This 2 hour in person workshop held once a week for 10 consecutive weeks, or as 4 hour workshops held once a week for 5 consecutive weeks includes the powerful, in depth activities offered in the 2 day workshop. In addition to topics covered in the 5 week workshop, there is additional emphasis on self care, relationships, work and success, prosperity and health.
  • Teen Self-Empowerment: This energetic, self-esteem building workshop can be presented in a variety of time frames, 2 days for a total of 11 hours with breaks, 6 consecutive weeks at 2 hours each, or 10 consecutive weeks at 2 hours each. This workshop is held in person, separately with middle school or high school teens. Topics include uncovering negative messages, deservability, power statements, self acceptance (mirror work), inner child work, self care, forgiveness, changing negative thoughts, relationships, school, jobs and success, prosperity and health.
  • Totality of Possibilities: This is a life expanding 3 hour workshop that can be done in person or via Zoom. It is also offered as a full day in person workshop. Topics covered are changing negative thoughts, the 5 keys for mental, spiritual, and emotional health, self acceptance, and positive affirmations.
  • Experience Your Good Now: This is a dynamic 3 hour workshop that can be held in person or via zoom. Topics include deservability, identifying limiting old beliefs, clearing limiting beliefs, self acceptance (mirror work), forgiveness, and positive affirmations geared towards a thriving lifestyle.
  • Your Mind is Amazing: This enlightening 3 hour workshop focuses on the connection between the body and the mind. It can be held in person or via Zoom. Topics include investigation our beliefs about health, emotional patterns around health issues, scientific research on the mind/body connection, changing negative mindsets, and using positive affirmations for improved health.
  • Money and Consciousness: This is a life changing 3 hour prosperity consciousness workshop that can be held in person or via Zoom. Topics include identifying individual strengths or weaknesses in relationship to money, identifying and releasing old limiting beliefs, visualizing your abundant life using positive affirmations, and manifesting abundance and prosperity using The Law of Attraction.